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The renovation at 327 N. McNeil in the Evergreen Historic Distric of Memphis, TN is complete and the buyer just closed.  Its not mine anymore and its always weird knowing that I may never step foot in a house again even though I’ve gone to it practically every day for six months.  The family moving in got a killer house.  If you don’t believe me, check out the video below.  Also, check out the before & after pics on our Facebook page.  Make sure you “Like” our page too if you haven’t already.  On to the next house.

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We’ve picked up the pace on the renovation at 1625 Arcadia in Colonial Acres.  The same can’t be said of how frequently I’m updating the blog.  We are halfway through with the job and I’m just now getting around to writing about this awesome house.  We actually had an offer just as we were finishing demo but decided not to accept it. 

Check out the video.  I didn’t do a before video so this will serve as a good walk through and progress update.

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Here is another quick video update on the 327 N. McNeil renovation in the Evergreen Historic Distric of Memphis, TN.  It’s a pretty dramatic transformation since the last video.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Progress is steady at the 327 N. McNeil renovation in the Evergreen Historic Distric of Memphis, TN.  We passed our electrical and gas inspections this week but weren’t so lucky with plumbing.   We should get that taken care of in the coming week along with our mechanical and framing inspections.  Once those are done, we can close everything up, lay down new sub-flooring in the bathrooms and laundry and sheetrock the studded walls.

We filled in the trench dug for the new 1″ main supply line and pressure washed the exterior of the house.  We are starting the exterior paint tomorrow.  After talking to the Memphis Landmarks Commission about typical paint colors for American Four Square style houses, we are going to use Sherwin Williams Messenger Bag for our major trim color.  It’s a brownish green color.  We will use a brighter green around the windows.  We haven’t decided what this color will be but the leading candidate is Tansy Green, also from Sherwin Williams. 

Next week should be busy.  Three inspections to pass, exterior painting, some window work and rearranging the kitchen cabinets.  Then floors and sheetrock as soon as we pass inspections.  Check out the video and let me know what you think.

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Ok, thats probably misleading but “After Putting It Off for So Long, You Now Have a Bee Problem” didn’t sound nearly as good.  As soon as the weather warmed up, the bees started swarming.  We’ve noticed them for a couple years now but it really seemed like the sheer number of bees was much more than usual.  So we finally did something about it and called in a local bee farmer to remove the bees.  The honeycomb must be removed too or they will come right back. 

After suiting up, he had to cut into the soffit and fascia to expose the honeycomb, which he then removed by hand.  The honeycomb is brought back to his farm to feed his bees.  Once he removed all the comb, he pulled out his homemade shop vac and sucked up all the bees.   The shop vac is set at just the right amount of suction so as to not harm the bees.  He also brings the bees back to his farm to add to his colonies.

All in all, it’s a pretty interesting procedure and my kids definitely enjoyed watching it.  Now we have to properly seal everything back up in an effort to keep any new bees from setting up shop again.

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The renovation project at 327 N. McNeil in Memphis continued this week with some of the rough plumbing and HVAC going in.  We finished the framing for the new master bathroom and half bathroom downstairs and got most of the plumbing run for it.  We also framed out the new upstairs front bathroom and the plumbing was begun in the upstairs rear bathroom.  For the HVAC, we decided to go with electric for the second story to avoid having to run a gas line to the attic.  The new furnace and ductwork was completed for the second story and all the supply and return vents have been cut in on both floors.

I am going to get the electrician started this coming week and we are building a new, better entrance to the basement.  Once that is complete, we will finish up the HVAC work in the basement that will serve the first floor.  The forecast shows a couple of perfect weather days ahead of us so we are going to dig and replace the old lead pipe water supply line from the street to the house.  Towards the end of the week, we should be able to call in a rough plumbing inspection and finally get running water!

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I came across a couple of houses recently with termite damage. As you can see in the pictures, a common place to find these little insects is behind the walls of your house eating the wood studs. In some of the other pictures, they were found in a roof valley.

Termites prefer moist wood. The soffit, fascia and decking were continually getting wet due to poor roof construction. When the shingles and felt were removed, the termites could be seen scurrying for darkness.

When treating termites, your two main options are a spot treatment or a full treatment. The spot treatment will be less expensive as only a specific area is sprayed. A full treatment will be more expensive but also more effective as the whole house is treated. Cost for a full treatment depends on the size of the house but should range from $400-$500 for a typical 1,300 square foot house.





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While inspecting the perimeter of a property today, I saw a pipe sticking out of the side of the house. There was black sludge on the brick and a bad odor. Obviously this is not common. Usually the only pipes stubbed out are for exhaust or a drip line for HVAC or water heaters.

After going inside, this pipe was located at the kitchen sink. So I went back outside and turned the water on at the street. Then I went back to the kitchen sink, turned it on, walked back outside and to my surprise, water was pouring out of the pipe. The kitchen sink literally drains straight outside.

I will have a licensed plumber investigate it. My guess is the drain is clogged, therefore the water is pushed through the clean out. If the clean out was capped, the water would have nowhere to go so the sink would fill up and overflow the sink.


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Went to a house today just vacated by a tenant. First time I’ve ever seen this at a house. Looks legit.


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Here is the latest on what’s happening at 4979 Sequoia.  Everything is starting to take shape.