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Don’t buy insurance.  You hear people say it all the time.  They think nothing will ever happen so it’s just a waste of money.  Luckily, I’ve never believed that so when something finally did happen to one of our rental properties, insurance was in place to cover the loss.

The loss was substantial too.  A grease fire while cooking breakfast is not an ideal way to start your morning.  Most of the damage was in the kitchen, den and hallway but the rest of the house was black from smoke and soot.  After going through the claims process with the insurance adjuster, it’s now time to put the house back together.  This is nowhere near the size and scope of the the fire damaged house on Wolf Den we did two years ago so we should be able to knock it out quickly.  Check out the pics below and watch the video to see more.





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While inspecting the perimeter of a property today, I saw a pipe sticking out of the side of the house. There was black sludge on the brick and a bad odor. Obviously this is not common. Usually the only pipes stubbed out are for exhaust or a drip line for HVAC or water heaters.

After going inside, this pipe was located at the kitchen sink. So I went back outside and turned the water on at the street. Then I went back to the kitchen sink, turned it on, walked back outside and to my surprise, water was pouring out of the pipe. The kitchen sink literally drains straight outside.

I will have a licensed plumber investigate it. My guess is the drain is clogged, therefore the water is pushed through the clean out. If the clean out was capped, the water would have nowhere to go so the sink would fill up and overflow the sink.