We Buy Houses

1999 LindenWe Buy Houses in Memphis and Shelby County, TN.  Yes, we are local and can pay cash fast!  If you are faced with Foreclosure, Divorce, Job Transfer, House Beyond Repair, Unwanted Property Inheritance, Downsizing, Retirement, Military Relocation or simply have that rental house that’s become a nightmare, please fill out the form on your right and enter your info.  We are here to help you.  We hold all submissions with the utmost confidentiality and promise to be courteous and make a fair offer for both parties. If we are interested in purchasing your property, we will arrange a viewing and will make you a cash offer within 48 hours.  We will buy your property in “As-Is” condition and we can close escrow in 14 days following acceptance.  You pay no realtor fees or commissions!  Call Today. 901-388-7676.


Behind On Payments?… Need Cash Fast?… Facing Foreclosure?…
House Beyond Repair?… Need Help With a Short Sale?…  “I Need To Sell My House”


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How can you stop foreclosure in Memphis?

We can buy your house quickly before the courthouse auction, thus keeping your credit score from being hit with the foreclosure, which takes 7 years to be erased.  If you are upside down on your mortgage and your home is worth less than you owe, we can negotiate a short sale with your lender, buy your property and save your credit.  Please dont delay, call me now so we can start the process and get you out from underneath the upside down house.


How do you determine the Cash Offer price For My House?

We do not pay average retail price, but buy at a discount, which enables us to renovate your property and get it in top condition for sale. We take into consideration such factors as the condition, cost to renovate, location, transaction costs in order to sell your house on the open market as well as cost of insurance, taxes, utilities, and maintenance until it sells. If you want to sell your house quick with no hassles, call us!


What type of houses do you buy?

We buy single family houses and duplexes in any condition.  In fact, the worse the condition, the more we like it.  If your house is in poor condition, needs updates or repairs, has fire damage, water damage, storm damage, mold, structural issues, etc…don’t worry about a thing.  Give us a call and we will buy your house in “As-Is” condition.


Where do you buy houses?

We prefer houses in the following cities in Shelby County, TN:

  • Memphis
  • Bartlett
  • Germantown
  • Collierville
  • Cordova
  • Arlington
  • Lakeland

We prefer the following zip codes:

  • 38104 – Midtown, Central Gardens, etc.
  • 38111 – University of Memphis, Buntyn Historical District, etc
  • 38112 – Evergreen Historic District, etc.
  • 38117 – East Memphis, Colonial Acres, etc
  • 38122 – High Point Terrace, etc.
  • 38002 – Arlington, Lakeland, Bartlett
  • 38133, 38134, 38135 – Barlett
  • 38016, 38018 – Cordova
  • 38017 – Collierville
  • 38138, 38139 – Germantown


If I fill out the form will I be obligated to sell to you and will you keep bugging me if I don’t?

When you fill out our request, you’ll receive a no-obligation phone call very quickly.  If you decide not to sell to us we will not contact you again, nor will we pass your info on to anyone else. Privacy is our main concern.


What kind of real estate problems can you solve?

We buy houses with structural defects or foundation issues.  If you have a Fixer Upper home, that’s fine too. If you have a home with memories from a deceased relative, or one following a divorce we can solve that problem quickly for you.  If you live out of state we can make it easy for you to let go of something that is hard to manage from afar.  Whatever your situation, we are here to make this process go smoothly for you.


How exactly does the process work?

Once you submit the online form we will contact you first via telephone. We will as such questions as what condition the property is in, what price you want to sell for, payoff amount, lender(s) and if there are any other liens on your property.  At that time we will make an appointment with you to view your home.  Next, if your property meets our criteria you will receive an offer to purchase.  We won’t use realtors so you will save 6% right from the start by not paying a commission. If our offer is acceptable to you, then we open escrow.  Once we get clear title from the closing attorney, we will close the deal and you will receive the proceeds.  Selling to us rather than listing with a Realtor commonly saves you time and money, but we don’t pay top retail value.