When Bees Attack!

8 years ago 0
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Ok, thats probably misleading but “After Putting It Off for So Long, You Now Have a Bee Problem” didn’t sound nearly as good.  As soon as the weather warmed up, the bees started swarming.  We’ve noticed them for a couple years now but it really seemed like the sheer number of bees was much more than usual.  So we finally did something about it and called in a local bee farmer to remove the bees.  The honeycomb must be removed too or they will come right back. 

After suiting up, he had to cut into the soffit and fascia to expose the honeycomb, which he then removed by hand.  The honeycomb is brought back to his farm to feed his bees.  Once he removed all the comb, he pulled out his homemade shop vac and sucked up all the bees.   The shop vac is set at just the right amount of suction so as to not harm the bees.  He also brings the bees back to his farm to add to his colonies.

All in all, it’s a pretty interesting procedure and my kids definitely enjoyed watching it.  Now we have to properly seal everything back up in an effort to keep any new bees from setting up shop again.

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